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Software Development
OXYGEN CONSULTING SERVICES specializes in providing web and software development services including solution integration and offshore IT outsourcing to small and medium sized businesses (SMB) across the globe. Go with us and you can benefit from our 6 year experience, a pool of IT resources with amazing range of skills, deep vertical industries expertise and excellence in top technologies, like .NET, J2EE, C#, PHP, Ruby.

OXYGEN CONSULTING SERVICES is a one stop software development company for implementing your business idea as a software solution. You can rely on us to give your company a cutting edge, as we use the most efficient, flexible and cost-effective approach to software development. Have a good time browsing our website, and don’t forget to call or email us we strongly believe in personal communication.

We specialize in the development of custom software applications and offshore software outsourcing services. Specifically, our company carries out custom programming, database design, and client-server and internet/intranet software application development.

Over the years we have managed to build a solid team of software outsourcing professionals that come from various backgrounds and expand the creative potential of the company. The expertise that they possess embraces a wide range of custom programming skills involving the latest and most effective development technologies.

Web Design & Development
Our website development company is accomplished of providing high quality; cost-effective; mission-critical. At this knowledge age, knowledge is the key and our knowledge base in latest web designing India technologies, search engine algorithm, global web designing practices etc. makes the end product contemporary and revolutionary. Web Designing Services include:
Website Design – website design, information structural design, and consulting services.

User Experience Design – Heuristic evaluation and interaction design based on industry usability principles to modernize task flow and improve information architecture.

HTML E-Mails and Newsletters – Creation of email templates used to coerce qualified traffic to your web site.

Flashes Design – Online animated demonstration of tools, products, and services.

Graphic Design – Flow charts, icons, and other convention graphics directly related to your business.

Graphic Optimization – Ensuring your graphics are high quality, but also easy to download.

Dynamic websites - making the sites on .net and .php based sites.

Payment gateway Integration.
Payment Gateway Integration is a core area of expertise of our programmers, we have delivered a number of websites that uses various payment gateway systems for the acceptance of payments online. There are various payment gateway systems available, the most popular ones is the Paypal Integration, CC Avenue & EBiss.

Our programmers have thorough knowledge of the payment gateway integration methods and can easily implement it on the website or for the ecommerce shopping cart.

Domain Registration
We offer a wide range of hosting services and domain registration at special rates for our clients only. This service is provided to you only if you get your website developed through us. We provide hosting services with its advanced control panels to completely manage the hosted domain. You can choose from a variety of plans to suit the need of your website. Other than the regular packages, you can also get a customized plan, if required, after assessment of your requirement. I f you are looking for fast - quality - easy to use and affordable hosting, you have found your solution. We offer several shared hosting plans that will meet and exceed all of your web presence needs.

In addition to hosting, we provide you with an option to register your domain name through us too. We can help you find the Domain name you would like to have and then provide you with a home for your new name and business! Complete control of the domain is handed over to the owner of the domain with the required usernames and passwords.

Domain Hosting
At the top of the cost pyramid is dedicated hosting. - This usually requires you have considerable technical skills at your disposal. Dedicated hosting basically means you have the whole machine or disk to yourself. It also can mean that when your web server falls down, you will have to restart it. Worse, it can mean if your site gets DDOS attacked that you might have to manage most if not all of the strategy to mitigate the attack. While shared hosting providers don't tend to highlight this facet, when one of their sites experiences a DoS attack, because it impacts the rest of the sites in their environment, they are highly motivated to mitigate the attack, and likely have highly skilled administrators available to do so. This is often a hidden advantage to hosting in a shared (or even a virtual private) environment. However, if your site is a frequent target of DOS attacks, your relationship with your hosting provider may be strained to the point of you being booted, or you being charged specifically to help offset the special costs associated with managing your site and it's impact on the rest of the shared users.

SEO services
OXYGEN CONSULTING SERVICES is a leading search engine optimization marketing company with extensive proficiency in various industries: B2B, Retail, Industrial, Financial, Travel, Real Estate, Law and Communications. We have successfully executed myriad of online search engine optimization campaigns targeted at leading search engines: Google, Yahoo, MSN (Windows Live), AOL and and many more.

SEO connoisseur arms you with ability to incarcerate best search engine acne on major search properties and effectively drive targeted visitors, interested in your products or services, increasing leads and sales generated with your website. One of the fundamental tools of Internet Marketing are termed as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which ensures the higher ranking of webpage. Search engine optimization is a technique to snatch maximum quantity and quality of E traffic. Search Engine optimization is lies in the foundation of efficient Internet marketing.

On line existence can never be luxuriant until it is easily perceptible of front most pages of Google. Search engine optimization is a singleton technique to obtain higher page ranking. Search engine optimization is an influential factor of promotion of any web page.

Search engine optimization is a defined procedure, where experts find out the keywords which may depend on the business activities of respective clients. Further these keywords are inserted in the text of web site in order to make that search engine optimization pleasant. The process of search engine optimization ensures the easy accessibility of web page. OXYGEN CONSULTING SERVICES is privileged with a nimble team of search engine optimizers, who have gained immense expertise in domain.

Search engine optimization is the constituent that insures you aren't manslaughter your time when you surrender your site to the search engines. At OXYGEN CONSULTING SERVICES we design sites that are "Search engine friendly" we make your site easy to plot a route for the search engines as promising without losing its appeal to human visitors.

Once we know what keywords we should be using for maximum effect, we need to know how to utilize those keywords within the copy of your web site's text, its Meta tags, and all the little added extras that can give you that slight improvement over your competition. We always keep in mind that it’s also very important to know that your website is using techniques that capacity actually blocks the search engines from finding and adding your site to their databases! Search engine optimization is provided as a part of every package we offer.

We wrote them and we own them. But they are our proprietary tools and are connected to our entire process. We understand the needs of SEOs, and we use these tools ourselves while providing service to our clients.

We undertake enterprise-level deployments of highly productive intranets, extranets and engagement workplaces with expansive collaborative capabilities, access to aggregated information, self-service workflows, and enterprise social functionality.




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